Student Advising

Ph.D. Committee:
Ran Wang. Numeral classifiers in Mandarin Chinese: A perspective from informational structure. (ongoing)
Yen-Ting Lin. Spatial language and cognition in bilingual mind: a case study of Taiwan. (ongoing)
Hongmo Kang. Korean honorifics. (2014)
Sang-gu Kang. The semantics and pragmatics of Korean focus particles. (2011)
Kazunori Kimura. Pragmatic implicatures and particles in Japanese. (2010)
Huichen Hsiao. Motion event descriptions and manner of motion verbs in English and Mandarin. (2008)
Taeho Kim. Subject and object markings in conversational Korean.(2007)

M.A. advisees:
Jillian Pugliese. A cross-linguistic analysis of indirect speech. (2012)
Jeongmi Choi. Two nows in Korean. (2008)

B.A. advisees:
Bruce J. Mitchell. (Asian Studies senior thesis) Political and cultural censorship in South Korea: The past, present and future. (2015)
Matthew Zaslansky. (Honors thesis) Nominal reference in L2 Korean narratives. (2014)


Undergraduate courses

Korean courses:
Second-year Korean first semester (KOR201)
Second-year Korean second semester (KOR202)
Third-year Korean first semester (KOR301)
Third-year Korean second semester (KOR302)
Fourth-year Korean first semester (KOR401)
Fourth-year Korean second semester (KOR402)
Korean language and culture (KOR421)
Introduction to Korean linguistics (KOR411)
Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language (KOR451)
Internship Practicum (KOR496)
Korean Independent Study (KOR499)

Linguistics courses:
Introduction to Linguistic Analysis (LIN205)

Graduate courses

Korean courses:
Introduction to Korean Linguistics (KOR511)
Korean language and culture (KOR521)
Teaching Korean as a foreign language (KOR551)

Linguistics courses:
Semantics II (Introduction to formal semantics) (LIN 443/543)
Seminar on Tense in Discourse (LIN623)
Seminar on Dynamic Semantics (LIN625)